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Monday, July 12, 2010

I felt really emo these few days...

At school,
at home,
I just felt veri lonely...

its like my 2 brothers,
after they entered the army,
the hse felt so empty.
everyday i go just to face 4 pillars.

Usually, after I come home,
I would tell them abt
wad interesting things
happen in sch tat day.
And they would comment alot.
But now...

Now in school I oso feel
veri sian....
dunno y.
Is because my bros not home?
Everyday I look forward to
Fridays when my brothers
will book out.
but every sunday,
they have to book in again.
Last week my eldest brother
got veri high fever.
Tried to get mc at the hospital to rest
at home for 1 day.
but the DAMN doctor
put him under observation and
saw my bro smsing inside
and wrote some kinda report
It says something like
"Comfortable. Able to text msg."
den dun let him have mc.

Tat day although i hope my bro
will get well but at the same time
I hope he will not either.
I hope he could stay at home
for a few more days.
Its seriously getting
kinda lifeless at home...

And these few days I
dunno y but I tend to get
hot tempered and talk back to
my parents.
I just suddenly become so

I really dunno how to describe
my feeling.
Just veri empty and lonely...


I must not cry. I must stay strong.

I scribbled at ;; 5:30 AM

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just found something damn stupid
on the internet:

My brother and I was sort
of learning korean phrases
on the internet when we
came to this page:

Wish Someone Something

Good luck! Hang-u-nŭl bim-ni-da! 행운을 빕니다!


Happy birthday! Sang-il ch'u-k'a-ham-ni-da! 생일 축하합니다!


Happy new year! Sae-hae-bok ma-ni pa-dŭ-se-yo! 새해복 많이 받으세요!


Merry Christmas! Me-ri k'ŭ-ri-sŭ-ma-sŭ! 메리 크리스마스!


Congratulations! Ch'u-k'a-dŭ-rim-ni-da! 축하드립니다!


Enjoy! (for meals...) Ma-ni dŭ-se-yo! 많이 드세요!


I'd like to visit Korea one day Ŏn-jen-ga-nŭn han-gu-ge ka-go shi-p'ŏ-yo.언젠가는 한국에 가고 싶어요.


Say hi to John for me Cha-nan-t'e an-bu-rŭl chŏ-nae-ju-se-yo.잔한테 안부를 전해주세요.


Bless you (when sneezing) (No reaction, as if nothing happened)


Good night and sweet dreams! Dwae-ji-kkum kku-se-yo! 돼지꿈 꾸세요!


I think if all of u have noticed the
Bless you(when sneezing)
I think it is damn stupid lar.
I mean in wad way is tat a phrase??
tat should be "how Koreans react to certain things"

Just being random today again.
And I am on a 1 month MC!!


I scribbled at ;; 10:47 PM

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hi everyone!
I noe my blog is VERI dead now.

I dun really have anything to
post about now...
I think I shall post abt
my findings during this holiday.
lemme think...

1)Prince of Persia is freaking NICEE!!!

2)IP Man 2 is freaking NICEE!!!
(Dom, I shall introduce u to the movie! :D)

3)A-Team isnt as nice as I thought it would be?

4)My grandfather or grandmother's
birthday is this Saturday.
I not sure is it grandfather or grandmother.

5)I miss 6Bians'08!
(Do they miss me too? they should ba...
hope so) :D

6)I realised tat as each second passes,
I grow older by 1 second.
(wad a GREAT discovery!!)

7)It is the June Holidays! :)

8)Holiday is ending soon.
Just one week more. ):

9)I realised I am growing fatter. D:

10)But I am exercising to slim down. :D

I am just radomly posting.


I scribbled at ;; 11:43 PM

Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to Jeline!!!

Hi everyone!
I realised I have not been
posting for a veri long time.

I have been kinda busy
these few weeks.
(at least tats wad I think).

Or perhaps I am lazy?
Or perhaps I have kinda
lost interest in blogging?
Or I have no idea wad to post?

Oh well....


Jeline, I really
had a veri fun and great
time with U and Yi Xin
at BenTen.
Really wish u a veri Happy Birthday
and tat U will grow vertically
as u age. =P

And YiXin, I think u are seriously
broke after today's meal. :D
I promised to buy u the
band tmr rite? so...
u should thank me on ur blog. :D


Tats all folks!!!
6B's mushroom.
I am seriously veri puzzled. ok... I seriously dunno who u were refering to but I have a feeling tat u were refering to me. But I really dunno wad I have done. Wad is it tat I did tat made u unable to forgive me? but... nvm. And to think tat I actually regarded u as my friend. I dun really care anymore. I dun care if u hate me anot. I dun wish to see u anymore cause theres onli hatred in me towards u. Or at least, I dun think I will be seeing u or much less talking to u. I just want to noe the reason. Wad exactly have I done.
tats all.

I scribbled at ;; 7:22 AM

Monday, March 15, 2010

I am gonna post abt
yesterday!! :D

I went KTV,Chevron yesterday
with Yu Sean, Michelle, Lu Yao, James, Zhen He and Hao Long.
It was damn fun!! :D
Actually it wasnt
tat fun at the starting
cause no one wanted to sing.
Den later we finally started
singing and the old hag sang
a veri low voice and everyone
was like laughing at her
like siao!!!
Oh yar.
forgot to say, I sang VERI WELL!!


We sang veri little
and James, Zhen He, Sean, Hao Long and I
went to play pool.
I totally "idolize" Hao Long!
He play damn well lar!
He got alot balls in!!
(sry if this sentence sounds kinda wrong to u.)
Den he play like some pro like tat
(no sarcasm intended.)
I oso play FREAKING well.
(no sarcasm intended as well)
The rest, U can forget abt them.

But James, when he was aiming,
omg! Tat serious look
is hard to come by!!
His seriousness is so

play play play....
Laughed laughed laughed....
Sang sang sang....
Go Home!!!


OmG!!! I saw Miss Yeo
in RVHS today!!
Sixin told me tat Xingnan CO
was coming for exchange todae
so actually i was alreadi
sort of prepared
to see Miss Yeo here.

I miss Miss Yeo soooo MUch!!
I was so happy when I saw
Miss Yeo!!
Actually I was kinda
moody but she made me smile again!!

And Nan Hua CO is coming
for exchange tmr!!
So I can see Michelle and Lu Yao tmr!!
Tmr is band camp!!


The previous paragraph
was a happy one and now is
the sad one...
I went to my pri. sch band blog
just a while ago.
I scrolled down.
I saw the HK trip
pictures and immeadiately,
tears rolled down my cheeks.
I miss those times!

I saw my lovely smile in
those pictures
but it is all over...
This kind of happiness
can nvr happen again...
Nth can ever replace my
beloved pri. sch and the band.

Daryl msged me a few days
back asking me if I
am going for pri. sch band camp
on monday to wednesday.
But sigh...
I got sec sch band camp.

Both are band camps
I miss my pri sch band alot.

Gd luck and JYJY for the coming SYF!!!

conga girl.

I scribbled at ;; 1:10 AM

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yo peeps!
I noe I have to posted
for a veri veri veri long time.
And my blog is like...
kinda dead?

all of u should noe
tat I am a veri busy person
so must be considerate for me.


I just found our recently tat
if, can I will scan my photos
and post it here!!
I am soooo mesmerised by
my cuteness!!
After seeing the picture,
U will DEFINATELY understand the meaning of CUTE!!
U will never need the dictionary
to find for the meaning of
Just by looking at my pictures,
u will understand it.
It works just like
a miracle!!!


Back to the issue bout
my "no time" to post.
there is so much I wan to post about
my birthday party,
RF's bus interchange incident,
Eugene's random singing,
RF's unique love for "food",
Many Many more!!
I cant list them out!!

I really was veri lazy to
post recently.
I dunno y either.
Someone can cure me of
my laziness?


Went to eat with
antionette, RF and angeline @ mac.
WE started talking
abt some paranormal things!
I ♥♥♥ tat topic!!
We talked for ages abt it!
We just cant stop!!

And I really wan to go Old Changi Hospital!!
I wan to embark on
a paranormal journey!!
But antionette and angeline
dun wan to go!!! D:
RF worse.
She said: maybe we go in
as 4 ppl but come out as 2.
Maybe we go in as onw whole piece
but come out without limbs!

But I seriously think
it would be damn fun lar!!
WE started talking abt some
ghost stories!!
I think we should leave tat for
And I will make sure I will freak u out
with my cute face!!

Jeline and Yixin,
u all can consider going to
OCH or some ghostly
places for class outing.
I think the response would be damn great.
Pls consider my advice seriously.


And ppl,
pls tag when u come my blog.
I always see my tagboard
dead=no one comes my blog=no blog posts/updates.
So ppl.
If U wan me to update, pls pls pls
tag my blog!!!

back by popular demand.

I scribbled at ;; 6:03 AM

Monday, February 15, 2010

I am soo sorry
for not posting on my
humble blog for a long time.
Pls accept my sincere
appology(dunno how to spell)

I am kinda lazy these few days.

I sleep at abt 9.30
almost everyday.
(when there was school)

I am sure during
the New Year's eve,
everyone must have slept
veri late rite?
So tat ur parents can have long life rite?
I slept at 12.30
(ps. I dun mean tat I wan my parents to have short life
but I was just too tired.)

Lemme describe
to u my new year's eve day.
I think it woudl be
kinda interesting.

Woke up @ 11am.
Had a loaf of bread for
Watch television.
Slept again for abt half hour
and was woken up to go eat lunch.
finished lunch.
watch television.
sleep again.
woke up.
watch television.
sleep again.
woke up.
eat dinner.
went to bathe for abt 45 min.
(nid to refresh myself more)
watch television.
went to airport
to see my relatives off.
went home.
watch televsion.
dreamt of my prince charming.
woke up.

Happy Chinese New


(Happy chinese New Year!!!!)

Wasnt tat a veri meaningful
chinese new year eve?

Oh yar.
before I forgot,
I went to Michelle's
BBQ last Friday before new year eve!
Guess wad?
After all the brief inroduction
between Mun Wei and Michelle,
they realised tat
they lived on the same block!
so "xie men"
The person which Alicia and Michelle
pissed off on my birthday party
is actually her neighbour! haha

Damn James Zhang Jun Jie!!
Better return me my
specs today!!!
or I'll kill u!!!!!

tat mushroom.

I scribbled at ;; 9:03 PM

The girl


12 now, turning 13 the coming 6/2/09
13 now! yays!♥
Had six years of toture at XNPS.
Having another six years of toture at RVHS.
I am so cute tat everyone will not be able to resist.
Four words to describe me:????

Click here if you think my blog is not cute.


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A great Christmas celebration!!♥
Go to HK with XNBB again!♥♥
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Watch movies with XNPS BFFs!♥
Finish the six years of toture at RVHS
Baby Bugs Bunny Plush toy!!♥
Birthday Party next year!!
green big big mushroom!!♥
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Watch Ponyo on the cliff by the sea with Siao Shuen
6B class gathering
Someone gets well soon♥
Parents permission for movies on 7 Aug!!
Birthday presents
6/2/09 to come soon
No more exams(temporary)
Orientation Camp to be over soon
More hong bao money den last year
Prezzies on 6/2/09♥
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Pass 2.4km run!!
Watch The Wedding Game with Ke Ying
Slim down??



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